Joyous Creation!

Carrying on the tradition of Roclair, established by Keiko Mimura.


Roclair Technique involves hammer-cut thick molded glass (Dall de Verre) fused with epoxy resin.

Brightly shining glass creates the Drawing with Glasseffect. Gentle yet dynamic creation is brought to you.


As the light is transmitted through the glass my creation raises its first voice. Bringing the sunshine into the house with dawn and when the sun goes down the lights will shine from the house. It would be wonderful if you could enjoy stained glass in your daily life.

Not only can they be inserted into windows, but they can also be used as decorations by the window, or on tables.  Beautiful addition to any celebration or gift.

The size, color and design can be customized to fit your preference.


As I listen to the voice of the glass, carefully treating that mysterious power, I want to make works of art that resonate in people’s hearts.